Tuesday, February 26, 2008

renaissance baby

This is a little frock I made for Aspen awhile back....it had to be one of my favorite pieces. This dress combines what I did when I made all women's clothing with what I do now with my children's line. For my ladies' things I used mostly all silk tafettas with lots of ribbon flowers or vintage flowers. This fabric was from scraps of a skirt I had left over and I used old velvet dyed ribbon for the straps...and then added all the silk flowers. The back room at my boutique is stacked about 14 feet high with loads of containes full of my ribbons and flowers and fabrics! I'm sure to anyone else it looks like a huge nightmare, but for me it is like Christmas everyday digging into those containers to find the perfect piece for a project!

The trouble is right now Miss Aspen has still not mastered walking and this poor dress would never last the whole day on her without being completely covered in dirt!

My mom did a painting of this picture above and with the frame Aspen looks just like a baby out of a renaissance painting, especially with the colors in the dress!

Anywho, I make little dresses like this quite often for my boutique, but they don't ever seem to make it into my etsy shop, so I wanted you to see what my passion as a mama couturier is.

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