Thursday, March 25, 2010

all in a day's work...

Aspen is helping me work on the windows, or should I say take apart the windows to play with the props...she's wearing a dress I made for her a couple years lemonade I called it, it has the cutest vintage cherries and lemonade hanky on the front of it!

So I was saying to Aspen to give me a minute this morning because I needed to take some pictures...and she said, "of me mommy?" Well sure, we can do that too! She is becoming quite the helper lately...yesterday, a customer was coming out of the dressing room at my shop and she says, "we have lots more dresses you can try on!" She is too funny, already the sales lady at just three years old...I think that happened sooner than I imagined it would.

And a new color and pattern for my favorite dress...this one is white with bright pink and orange and a little aqua...very fun for spring and summer!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

snowy spring...

Exactly how are you supposed to wear your cute, new spring dresses when you are getting 6-12 inches of snow on a weekly basis....with black, high boots of course! I can't wait for some flowers to come so these clothes can be photographed outside with bare feet!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

if you give a mouse a cookie...

Aspen and London both love the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...and miss London just made me think of it with these pics...If you give London milk and cheese...then you might just get a cute picture of her!

Notice she needs two bottles of milk, plus a string cheese! She is a growing girl you know! London is wearing some vintage Pipsqueak Couture...this was Miss Aspen's outfit...the perfect crawling option to not show how filthy she can get crawling amuck at work!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lots of sewing!

Ok, I promise I am not selling my daughter for $275....I just didn't take the price off the chair! Aspen has on the cutest cardi is a little shrug in icing trimmed in orchid lace and embellished with silk and velvet flowers...then she turns around and our starlet logo is on the back with darling little crystal sweet!

So if I am sewing all the time, I don't seem to find time to blog....I would just love to know how much sleep these girls get that manage to have really creative, darling blogs and then do creative, magical things! How does one do it all! At any rate, here are a few more variations on the French Farmhouse peasant dress....They are getting an amazing response in my boutique...they seem to be the perfect Easter dress, or should I say the perfect Easter dress in Colorado...they have sleeves! And it seems like we always are freezing with snow for Easter here!

This is one of my favorite combos...the green and pink roses with the sweet garden pants...I love this...especially when you add the sun hat! I didn't even try to get this on Miss London...I figure by the time she is all dolled up in it and ready for a photo, she will be here is a view on the mannequin instead...sorry London!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aspen in Wonderland

Aspen and I are eagerly awaiting Alice in Wonderland to come out this week! So here is our little tribute with an orchid twist on Alice's famous apron dress! Forgive poor Aspen, she on her 1005th respiratory infection of the season, so she is not quite her normal self!
So this is the french peasant dress in sweet and fun....and if you are going to Wonderland with us, I suppose you need a hat for a perfect Mad Tea Party! So pick up a darling new sunhat....all dyed to match all our puff sleeve dresses and cutie couture! These hats feature one of a kind vintage, rhinestone button centers...I am in love for sure! They are available in toddler and baby sizing...but once again my baby model was having issues with you just get to see the toddler version!

See, all set for a fab party in Wonderland.....see you at the theatre!
For the complete Alice effect, I am pretty sure you need polka dot and stripe tights don't you think?