Monday, September 26, 2011

A little Christmas Frolic!

Here is my number one reason why you haven't seen me blog much lately!!! This little Christmas set is keeping one busy girl really busy! This year, I finalized all my Christmas designs in August, sent out a few to be photographed, and who knew you all were shopping Christmas in 90 degree weather!

I think I will be reaching my final quantities available in the next week or two, and that is after I was able to score a tad more fabric! Bloomers are all printed red and cream velveteen, so they are cozy and warm on your sweet girls. And the dresses really could not get much more girlie if I tried! There are ruffles, aprons, rosettes.....and every single time I start sewing up one, my two year old asks if this one is going to be her's, so if you think these photos are cute, you will really just gush over it when you see all the pretty details in person!

Now of course, you don't need this all together, and the bloomers are meant to work with all our knit ruffled dresses as well. That way you have a Christmas photo/church look as well as a darling Christmas morning look. Enjoy!