Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome Summer!

Well, this is the start of summer right, Memorial Day weekend? I can't say it feels much like it here, but we are celebrating none the less, or all of my photos will look like fall and winter!

Aspen is wearing her 4th of July dress, under this darling new {it was freeeeezing!} and poor Aspen got stopped over and over about her bloomers! She was a good sport and not as shy as she normally can be!

London went thru the market in her new French Market Apron! I love this little bib apron! It is just the essence of everything girlie! Tiers of ruffles and lace, and then matched up with these little linen and lace bloomers. Under it is all she was wearing one of the new summer sun dresses, that she loves --there is a dog on it, thus love! But she refused any pictures without the apron!
London looks like she is just waiting for her invitation to a mad tea party, what do you think? Her headpiece is one of the beautiful Miss Ruby Sue pieces from our last photo shoot.

Aspen picked all sorts of snowball flowers for London to hold, and London just ate up every single minute of it!

And the shoes...I love these, almost as much as London does! It's funny, Aspen refused to wear any dressy shoes when she was was only Lelli Kelly's for her...and London loves ballet shoes, she wants to wear them all the time...and yellow, well yellow is her favorite color, and so a match made in heaven was born...London and these wee shoes! All of the above is now available in my etsy order the mean time I am off to whip up a couple new dresses!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Trunk Show!!! (for Couture...)

It has been crazy around here lately...sick kids...twice, both of them in a span of a week! Lots of orders, lots of photography requests as well! All in all, it is good...but I am behind in getting my invitations out! So I am offering my first local trunk show, post Couture boutique closing, with one of my fabulous ladies' clothing lines! It will be June 1st, Wednesday evening at 5 pm. One of my really close girlfriends has offered to host. I am thrilled, and you are invited! But as this is the internet, and it is her private residence, please contact me for the direct address. You can message on facebook, or etsy...whatever works is fine by me! I just finished up the invites to put in the mail now between a waking sickie toddler...seems she is getting up about every 40 minutes b/c she is just uncomfortable! So hopefully you get an invitation, if you are a blog reader, and would like one I am happy to send one!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Just thought I would quickly pop in to show you a few more new pictures of new summer designs. Love this ruffled knot top....I see so many things that continually look like versions of the same thing, I like to push the envelope a bit and add that girlie here is my next spin off a knot top. Charming and girlie, this will work with any sort of bottom. I like that it does fit a bit more than a lot of tops, but is a different option than a t-shirt.

Can you even stand how cute this is? A sweet, little French market!

And then, these are some of the fourth of July pictures. Yet again...a fun spin on the traditional...I think this would be darling for back to school time, and it is definitely perfect for summer. Layers up really cute.

It features a vintage textile in the center, so it is limited as to what I can make...which makes it even better...always nice to know when you buy a boutique dress that it was made special for your little girl!

And these hair pieces, just to die for...are all by Miss Ruby Sue...Lori is just amazingly creative, so much fun and sweet to chat head on over to her etsy shop and get the whole look!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to the enchanted forest....

One of my good photographer friends is currently in Germany visiting family, so I loaded her up with some new designs...check it all out!! Isn't this place just magical...just like an enchanted fairytale, right up my alley!

This is the new tweaked version of the Lulu Difiore top...had to modify it a bit as fabrics get discontinued constantly...and then I can't recreate here is the 2nd edition! And these are the frolic ruffle bloomers, sort of a cute option on the older girls...more ruffles and no lace. Still the big bows...and sometimes I do these with rosettes...just depends on what the customer is looking for. Zoe wanted bows, so that is just what this little princess got!

So enchanted fairytale, or maybe it is Alice In Wonderland, which do you think? Once again, fabulous headpieces are by Miss Ruby Sue on etsy...we have several more collaborations on the way, so stay tuned!

This is the shot that speaks to me that she is Alice...I mean, she just looks like she is headed right down the rabbit hole to a mad tea party, right?!

Hopefully the fourth of July photos will be on their way to me in the next couple days...I am dying to show you two new dresses!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

happy mother's day from the crazy bunch at my house...I am exhausted today! A weekend of fabulous weather gardening and going to markets has done me in with two kids in tow!