Friday, May 20, 2011

Trunk Show!!! (for Couture...)

It has been crazy around here lately...sick kids...twice, both of them in a span of a week! Lots of orders, lots of photography requests as well! All in all, it is good...but I am behind in getting my invitations out! So I am offering my first local trunk show, post Couture boutique closing, with one of my fabulous ladies' clothing lines! It will be June 1st, Wednesday evening at 5 pm. One of my really close girlfriends has offered to host. I am thrilled, and you are invited! But as this is the internet, and it is her private residence, please contact me for the direct address. You can message on facebook, or etsy...whatever works is fine by me! I just finished up the invites to put in the mail now between a waking sickie toddler...seems she is getting up about every 40 minutes b/c she is just uncomfortable! So hopefully you get an invitation, if you are a blog reader, and would like one I am happy to send one!

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