Saturday, April 26, 2008

Celebrating Spring

So yesterday was Arbor Day, and I was too busy at work to get to my blog, but Aspen and I ventured out to Home Depot and boutique lots of topiary boxwood to celebrate. I love this time of year; I am constantly anxious to get out into the gardens and get things moving along. With my newly fenced back yard, I have lots of new ideas and the boxwood are a huge part of it! We planted three new lilac, all shades of pink, some wiegalia, boxwood and I am waiting to plant the roses until it warms up a bit more! And finally my china rosebush is starting to bloom. I love this thing; I saw it in a girlfriend's yard a few years back and did a whole new area with this as the focus. So i clipped some for the house as this beauty is growing very nicely and it won't be missed! They are in this fantastic vase a good friend gave me last year...looks like a piece of Lalique, eh? But no, he had this made for a client and had a few extra and I was the lucky recipient of one! He also gave my mom one, knowing she would love and she goes, "oh, I have the Lalique ones...I bought them in Paris years ago!" Of course you do mom!

I will just have to enjoy this little one. I love to put lilac in it when they are blooming. But aren't those little china roses darling? If I could just get this table cleaned off so you could see everything clearly! Here's a little sneak peek of my chapeau that I mailed off for the Kentucky Derby Swap. Pink, pink, pink baby! And lots of vintage millinery!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sew Golden!

If you are a lover of Babylegs as much as Aspen and I are...well as you can tell, Aspen says she doesn't know...but yes, she does love Babylegs, they are having a campaign in June to drive sales to local boutiques by offering crazy prizes...they have golden tickets to give away just like Willy Wonka! Something like one in three or four has a prize the least of which will be a free pair of babylegs! Wowza! Or you can win a vacation or other baby clothing! How fun and exciting this will be for all of us! I love Babylegs to go with all the Pipsqueak Couture onesies...the ruffles on the butt plus the tops of baby's thighs sticking out of the could just squeeze them! And when you have a toddler like me...they are perfect for potty training and the ever squirming baby that doesn't stay put long enough to wear tights!

Monday, April 21, 2008

tiny, little, pretties...

Here are a couple of my most beloved things...of course I keep them all displayed together! I bought this little silk French mannequin in England from a French vendor at a market exactly four years ago! We were on this tour of antique markets that we went on several times and that last time things were so expensive. I was looking for chandeliers and sconces as usual and I really couldn't even touch them. But I refused to exchange my pounds for dollars and lose the exchange fee I bought something too expensive...but I just love her! And every time I look at her I am reminded of what a fun trip we had!

So she sits atop an antique French chest in my living room near this darling, little bird made by Nicole Bowen. I bought her this Christmas for Aspen instead of buying her a baby's first Christmas ornament. That way she can have her very own little collection of charming things. She was and still obsessed with birds, so I felt it was perfect for her! I also love the vintage pianos...this makes a great thing to display on, especially when you are limited with room in your house! So there you go miniature mannequins and miniature pianos!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

my latest creation for Aspen!

Last week my mom and I were at an estate sale. This was a close friend of our's, and she loved feminine things and lace and antiques as much as we do. Anyhow, bought an old collar from her to make Aspen a dress with and here is the creation! I have enough extra to do one more little dress for her. This is some Sis Boom fabric in purple and white, and then another lace from a slip I had, to make the apron for this dress. She loves it already, though she was asleep when I had the camera ready to go!

Monday, April 14, 2008

bical baby!

These are my new favorite things for little miss Aspen...they are Bical shoes. They are like the old water shoes from back in the day but they have an insanely fun collection of shoes for kids. These are the only things I can keep on Aspen's feet as she is still crawling and walking. They have traction on the bottom as well as arch support. Can't beat that! She loves them; she tries to put a second pair on after we put them on! Little fashion diva! Now she is ready for some summer time fun in our gardens! And then she can just hop on into her pool!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crowns and Birdies...

Take a peek at the new design!

Finally...a few new pics of one of my new designs! This is my crown stack. I love this design; there are little birds throughout the design and the crowns run the length of the whole onesie...perfect for summertime, right? And there's glitter and Swarovski crystals on the whole thing, life doesn't get better than that!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Artsymama's vintage party swap...Spoiler!

I am doing a couple swaps this month and I just finished getting together my vintage party swap items. Paula's theme is halloween...which I But vintage halloween is a little hard to come by so here are my peeks of what I came up with. Crepe paper nut cups and some fun garlands to add to the room. And you know me, I am a glitter girl so I tucked in some black/ orange iridescent spider leg glitter! Haha!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finally the new designs are here!

Now, of course once I get my new creations together my camera battery dies! So I only have a few things ready to see! But I will charge the battery tonight and get to it! I designed some new little baby sleep sacs with my Le BeeBee crest in glitter. I love this and it seems to be really popular so I have added several new colorations. The sleep sac is available in fuschia and yellow. The pink is very girlie with swarovski crystals added on it as well!

And ever the fabulous, little helper, Miss Aspen is fixing the clothing in my shop while adorning herself with her own string of pearls! Lucky, little thing!

I made her little tunic dress she has on...every time I get one of these into my shop, they walk out within an hour or so! The front has crystals on it...of course!