Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just in case you didn't get enough tea this weekend...

This weekend we were finally about to shoot some of the back to school, fall and halloween pieces! It had to be the most darling thing I have ever seen...I mean first of all, just look at where we were...the most secret of hidden gardens in a very special person's backyard...I dream I have a garden that will look like this!
And then immediately these four little girls were just having the best time with this little tea set and this table and chairs, they were just the cutest sharing tea....You don't even have to ask these little girls to do something fun for a photo op...everything they are doing is too cute not to take a pic!

I love this one of all four of them...they played happily like this until I needed to change their outfits, no fights or meltdowns until I changed them!

There is so much more to share...but I am saving that until our posted giveaway! In the mean time, stay awhile and share a cup of raspberry tea with us!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to the Festivities....

If you look just beyond the fence, you will spot this magical place....

A magical land filled with your favorite flowers....where the air smells like hot chocolate and peonies...guarded by our furriest of friends...

But don't forget you must be adorned in your favorite dress, to sit and have tea with us....

You may put on your best Alice dress...but if you are dismayed you may also put on your best little apron to stay and play....

Be it one with a little birdcage on it, or...If you prefer, you can wear a ruffled apron...none the less bring your friends for the perfect day...the perfect cup of tea!

But you may just have to keep the birds away from your cup, for the tea here is so magical and delightful that the birdies just cannot help but delight in your cup!

If you stay just long enough, you will get a sneek peak of some Halloween delights and a fab giveaway...Just follow us to your right and next week you will be most delighted in a giveaway of great magnitude!

Friday, June 25, 2010

hello mad tea partiers!

we are madly trying to corral our mad tea partiers!! We welcome you to come visit after 11 am Mountain time....for our complete post!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my very own model...

These are a few pics from our quick impromptu shoot on Saturday afternoon at my shop. I cannot even get over how much older my little Aspen looks now...when did this happen?!? I remember last summer having the hardest time getting any sort of pictures of her in my designs and now she happily poses!
She is just the perfect model for Pipsqueak Couture, or maybe the designs are just perfectly suited to her!!!! Stay tuned....our giveway should arrive later this week or early next week! Can't wait to share some Pipsqueak Love with you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A couple summer dresses...

This has to be the most popular style dress I sell in my boutique, every little girl loves it because it is so comfy, yet it is still as girlie as they want it to be with the twirly ruffles and puff sleeves....this is the orchid version, but you can get this anyway you like it! Pink, cream, citron, pale blue...
And here, Aspen is modelling with her little buddy, Zoe...Zoe is wearing my new ruffled lawn dress....a longer all girl dress tiered with layers of ruffles and a screenprint at the waist...perfect on a hot summer day!

And for the little girl who loves to take everything with her....a dress with a velvet pocket to put your goods in! This is the birdie in my pocket dress, in the smocked style...another darling dress to layer with the garden party ruffle pants or wear alone on a really hot day...also available in a rainbow of colors!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a giveaway is coming!!!

Stay tuned...we are gearing up for a fab photo shoot in the most secret of gardens this weekend...and then right after that we will be giving away a little Pipsqueak Couture! Stay tuned for the upcoming fun!
I am shooting summer and back to school this weekend, I can't wait to see all the little girls together in one spot!