Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the most darling little box ever...

Oh my goodness, can you even stand my mom's latest find! She is just the sweetest little gal ever! So sweet and petite, this little lady stands just under 5 inches tall! Mom decided to sell her on ebay this week....ugh...I wish I were her lucky recipient! But you can be if you decide you want to bid on her! I've never seen such a darling doll in a little powder box like this!

On another note...I am giving everyone just a few more days to catch up on the mad tea party, and then I will draw my lucky winner!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

welcome to our funfilled tea party...stay for a giveaway!

Alice wishes so much you would come and play for a tea party...please come wander down the garden path and sit a spell....It's ever so inviting...and we promise something really fun!

Come sit on the chaise by the pond in the garden and we will sip our lovely raspberry tea!

But don't you be naughty like my little Aspen and try and climb the arbor...the mad hatter never likes that! And that flamingo will surely tell the Queen of Hearts what you are up to!
Enjoy the brilliant roses on this beautiful day, as my little dandelion fairy assists you to your seat at our party!
And be sure to put your best tea party hat on like little miss London! If you do she may just give up her favorite chair!
Now if you stay and play with us for the day....and decide to follow our blog....we have a fun present for one very special person....You may have your pick of our baby blooms headbands, that miss London is modeling in the next post or you may have our chandelier birdcage tea towel! That will be ever so handy when you have your own tea party!

Monday, June 22, 2009

getting ready for a mad tea party!

Alright, so Miss London has decided to wear a fab, fluffy pink pettiskirt to the tea party...but which hair adornment would be best to wear with it....hmm....a bright pink dahlia flower....

Or maybe something more sedate...pale pink flowers....or a chocolate bow...that could be cute too! What oh what is a baby girl to do?!?

I guess she's going to have to sleep on it and see!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the diet of a super hero...

I just had to tell you all this because I know I few of you who read my blog and shop with me locally keep asking if I ever caught my thief from last summer who stole $1100 in merchandise from me! Well...yesterday was the day! I feel like a super hero because I had made three onesies, two hats, two burp cloths and I had the two kiddos with me at the shop...and then...I managed to nab my thief when it was busy!

She was in the dressing room and I saw her do her usual take something extra off the hanger and put with this dress I am going to try on...so I stood outside her room talking to another customer and she opened the curtain and I asked where the dress was and she said she didn't know about a pink dress...she didn't take it...she insisted three times and so then I just stuck my hand down her large purse and went in for the kill and took the dress bag...she walked away from me so fast saying she didn't take the dress....ha! Are you serious right now? And I told her I knew everything she took from me before and she better never come back in my shop or I would have the police here. I was so busy and with the kiddos in tow I decided against involving the police yesterday...but I think she will never come back...I mean seriously, is she that stupid? I hate doing that when I am busy with regular customers, but thankfully my customer was like, "oh honey, I was going to whack her with my purse if you needed me!"

So anyway, I decided I deserved a decaf vanilla latte...thank you very much!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new flowers...

I have been making lots of new flower headbands and clippies for the shop...online and in my local boutique...locally, I cannot keep them in stock! As soon as I make five, I sell five!
Always fun to have a new model to try things out on! The flowers are really huge on her head, but I love it!

The double ruffle bows are also really fun, and more practical on an everyday basis...practical for you girly girls...if you are like me! And my favorite of all pics is below...seriously....how can you not want this headband if your baby turns out smiling like this?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

yard work...

All the spring flowers are opening up and it's impossible to get Aspen out of the yard! And she knows the name of each variety! She is constantly picking flowers, or pulling the whole annual plant right out of the ground!
And then she poses in front of a flower all the time, so how could I not snap some photos!

Thankfully today all she felt the need to pick was a dandelion!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

does it get any cuter than this?

I think I am already driving poor little London nuts! But it is just too much fun dressing up a baby in my new designs...I have to see how these little things fit you know! One day she will understand....
I think she looks like she should be popping up in an Anne Geddes photo...just wait til she is sitting up and I can actually create cute, little backgrounds for her!

I just want to eat her up in this!