Saturday, August 30, 2008

lots of ruffles...and a name too!

Here's a little dress I made Aspen a couple months is just ruffled madness...super cute and super puffy I have to now, do you want to know the little chihuahua's is Chanel! A simple guess if you know my mother! My father keeps screwing her name up thought and calling her Shan-neil...obviously he didn't do the naming!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the newest member of the family...

My mom and dad just got this little one yesterday morning! She is so darling...and can I even tell you more perfectly behaved than my dogs are now! She is the sweetest little long hair and white and tan....a perfect fit for our chihoohoo family! I'm not going to tell you her name just yet....if you can guess it, I will send you a little something, something! All our doggies are very girlie so that is the only hint I will give you!
Aspen loves every moment with this puppy...she was talking about the puppy all last night and this morning...and she treats her amazingly well considering what she does to my dogs!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

it's finally back from a makeover vacation!

Oh, I am so thrilled to finally have this baby back in my shop...I can't even tell you how fabulous my chair is now...well worth the wait I would have to say! It matches up to my front counter that is orchid/ gold and a bunch of the antique furniture I have also redone in those colors. do I tell everyone...stay off this baby! I don't want coffee spilled all over it! It is just like a piece of beautiful art to stare at!

It's actually kind of funny, the first woman I had look at to recover it said to me, "that will never look good like that." Well then, too bad for you, I won't let you recover it! Now I just feel like I need this chair in my house not my shop because I love it so much! Way better than the gold color it used to be when I bought it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my plate is full...

So sorry I haven't been around lately! Over the weekend I had a whirlwind trip to LA to go to market for my boutique and now I am in pricing takes forever to get all the jewelry priced, and then I am getting boxes and boxes of fall merchandise in to stock the shop with as well...there will be some fun coming soon I promise!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

my vintage baby.

The tiniest things fascinate and inspire the heck out of me. My mom bought this tiny silk ribbon girl when I was about 18 I think. I just loved her, and I wanted her so badly...but my mom couldn't part with her so I decided to make them. Well I made about fifty of these little babies back in the day...and I named every one of them and I sold them in her antique shop in sets of three, in varying sizes...the biggest was about an inch and a half and the smallest was like a half inch. They were so sweet...and I keep thinking I should do some version of this on a child's dress, especially since Aspen finds as much fascination with tiny things as me! She wouldn't know what to do with herself finding little dollies attached right to her dress!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A bit of this and that...

I have been swamped with special orders at the shop and I have all this fun new inventory to get together, so I decided to take a break and work on one of the new onesies! I love this bright pink/ light pink combo! The bee is a light pink sassy I tell you! I wish Aspen could fit her little body into this but no luck!

And since I can't seem to stop buying fabric I thought I would put some of the new stuff to good use, lime green ruffles! Totally hip if you ask me!

Last night we went to an artshow, where my mom got an award, so Aspen had to break out the tutu for her grandmother's special celebration! The more she sees these tutus the more she thinks she should always wear one....too bad it is so hard to get her into the carseat in this baby! Otherwise, I would have her wear one all the time.

This restaurant we were in had an old wood floor and I so wanted to photograph her on it...but you know Aspen was playing with her buddies and kept turning around on me every time I snapped the camera button!