Saturday, August 23, 2008

the newest member of the family...

My mom and dad just got this little one yesterday morning! She is so darling...and can I even tell you more perfectly behaved than my dogs are now! She is the sweetest little long hair and white and tan....a perfect fit for our chihoohoo family! I'm not going to tell you her name just yet....if you can guess it, I will send you a little something, something! All our doggies are very girlie so that is the only hint I will give you!
Aspen loves every moment with this puppy...she was talking about the puppy all last night and this morning...and she treats her amazingly well considering what she does to my dogs!

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pam q said...

That is one cute puppy! I can see why Aspen is so fascinated! OK. If you say that all your dogs have girlie names, I will guess her name is "Sophia Rose"...."Sophie" for short. But actually, if she were mine, I would call her "Pipsqueak"!