Saturday, June 28, 2008

hooray! hooray! We are off to a mad tea party!

So first things first....I must pick my perfect party today it is this little fairy number made of lilies...

Then I will pick up a couple of excited birdies to attend the tea party...they are ready with their little party hats on!

This little pink chick is quite the little rascals...I can't get her off my cup! She wants all the raspberry glitter tea...and nobody else is able to help me get her off my cup!

Would you puh-lease...tell her this is not her cup!

Okay I give up...let me introduce to this fair little girl...she is so sad...her precious dollie has fallen let's invite her to our party!

Here she is in all her glory, with her dollie. This is my mother's latest creation and I thought her reveal would be perfect today...she somehow seems to be a great fit with all Vanessa's darling creations over at A Fanciful Twist....

And of course Alice is around...I can't keep her off the table...would someone please teach her some manners! She is my beloved painting from my brother....I have always been a down the rabbit hole mad hatter kind of a girl!
I just can't seem to keep the Queen away from my grand fete! She is always trapsing in...donning fabulous gowns and telling everyone what to do! Well, at least I like to spend time with her beloved flamingos...
Well, we are all going to have some mad fun we hope you enjoy our party! Cheers!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

frocks for a fun summer fete!

I can't seem to get photos fast enough of these little reversible bubble dresses! Every time I am working on one...someone walks in and sees it and has to have it! I don't even get them embellished before they are sold! None the less...I had a spare moment to snap a pic of this one. It is a lime green with chandeliers on it and it reverses to this chocolate dot pattern. It has this darling, little flower belt that ties to dress it up even more! What a fabulous party dress...great for a day in the garden I should think!

The green fabric is from Tina Givens...she is so creative...she also does the artwork for the stationary line Cid Pear-- and I just ordered all new labels and tags from them with her imagery...I think they should be here later today!!! The tags I ordered remind me a lot of this fabric but with a little character tucked into the mix! Alright back to sewing...I am working on a new version of this dress with tiered ruffles....stay tuned!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

hmm...whatever shall I wear to a tea party...

let me check the weather...okay now...will it be perfect weather for a pettiskirt outside? I love wearing my fancy tutus to parties....

Petunia, what do you this appropriate for a mad hatter tea party?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

get ready for a tea party...

So Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist is having a Mad Hatter Tea Party on June 28th to celebrate her 200th post...Please join in for lots of tea party fun! Glitter and goodies galore will be a part of the day! Let me entice you a little more...

A little summer ribbon candy... and a gorgeous watercolor painting from my mom! She did a series of watercolored cakes to delight everyone...they had bits of glitter embellishing them...this is one in my shop!

So girls get your baubles and pearls on... {here's another mama creation}...

And your pettiskirts and come on over and join in the party! It sounds like so much fun!

Because you may just be happier than a pig in mud....or a pig in the garden!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

pretty ribbons

I was wearing this and thought I would snap a little pic for you to enjoy! This is a little ribbon belt from old store stock of ribbon at Hyman and Hendler in NYC. Then I trimmed it out in an array of silk ribbon work with both old and new silk ribbons. I love the old stamens tucked through out this piece. I keep debating putting some of these little clusters on Aspen's clothes...but would I regret it? She is definitely not the cleanest little eater these days....might have to wait a bit longer for that!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

an evening in the garden...

Each year a small group of us girls hosts a little garden tour as we like to call it. Basically over about two months we each invite the group for a meal in the garden. This is my favorite garden--I just want to pitch a tent and move in! This is my girlfriend Karen's garden; she always is the first to have anyone over because she thinks this is the end of her garden looking really fabulous. But her garden is always really stunning...she loves boxwood and her attention to detail is amazing as you can tell....look how decadent the table looks!
So Saturday we had an amazing dinner at her house...mine is next for brunch Sunday morning. Paths wander all over her yard with such delightful details... The kiddos are all invited to this evening. Aspen could not stop pointing at every little thing in this yard!
Her pond is a favorite of mine! I think she just put this in about six years ago...and she is always moving things back and forth...She has several huge koi living in her pond!

I just love how Karen is able to find balance with formality and whimsy... I try to do this but I am also trying to pattern color so much that sometimes I feel like I really miss with hitting the whimsical factor!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

hide and style!

Here is sweet Laperla...the dumb blonde, as my mother likes to call her because she does absolutely as she pleases, regardless of what you ask her to do! So here she is not listening to me in the garden! So now there is just one chihuahua left to meet...Petunia...but you will have to wait a little longer to meet her!

I think my little one is turning into a gardner! Once she's in can't get her out for anything...she walks around and smell everything...even the boxwood! Can you spot her bent over there picking up little rocks behind the petticoat peonies?

Monday, June 2, 2008

welcome to summer!!!

Everything is just waiting to pop in the gardens! All the peonies are almost open as are all the roses! What a great time of year June is! Little suprises everyday as new flowers pop open in the garden! That is the beauty of it is always changing and evolving! So here is my first fairy in the garden....better make sure she has a proper home to come to in the garden!