Wednesday, June 25, 2008

frocks for a fun summer fete!

I can't seem to get photos fast enough of these little reversible bubble dresses! Every time I am working on one...someone walks in and sees it and has to have it! I don't even get them embellished before they are sold! None the less...I had a spare moment to snap a pic of this one. It is a lime green with chandeliers on it and it reverses to this chocolate dot pattern. It has this darling, little flower belt that ties to dress it up even more! What a fabulous party dress...great for a day in the garden I should think!

The green fabric is from Tina Givens...she is so creative...she also does the artwork for the stationary line Cid Pear-- and I just ordered all new labels and tags from them with her imagery...I think they should be here later today!!! The tags I ordered remind me a lot of this fabric but with a little character tucked into the mix! Alright back to sewing...I am working on a new version of this dress with tiered ruffles....stay tuned!


Lola Enchanted said...

very pretty!~

Cindy said...

So very lovely. I like the green one best!