Friday, May 30, 2008

foxy and the gargoyles

Out in the garden this morning, I snapped a few more pics. I am a huge fan of these iron baskets filled with flowers...I have a ton of them all over the yard. Aspen would carry these if they weren't so heavy... and here is my first baby...Foxy seven year old pommie. She is standing guard with the gargoyles...I mean she has to protect sweet Aspen, right?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

tiny garden feet...

Don't you just love these little feet in the dirt...this picture was actually a mistake and I love it! I was picking Aspen up and the camera button went off! But it turned out really cute, aside from the dying tulips that I haven't cut back yet!

So here is the little darling zipping through my gardens to get to all the gazing balls! I really don't think I should post her so much but you know...the garden pics are much more fun with her in them...than just pictures of the garden alone seen below!

that's my new garden mushroom... I also have a blue one and I think I am going to group them together very soon.

She's on the path through all the spring daffodils and catch another gazing ball!

And alas, here she found it right next to Abraham Darby and the foxglove in the English garden! Yes, yes, spring and even summer is finally here!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

fit for a princess...

I finally got them in....darling pettiskirts from Kaiya Eve Couture...they are a nylon crinoline so they are really soft for your little one to wear....Oh to be such a princess... They made it into the front window in about two-point-five seconds! You have to love that neon yellow and pink! Thankfully my girlie-girl picked the same colors as I did! Now she has some good birthday party couture!

The aqua rainbow is also really fun...we also have an all white, all baby pink, all raspberry...the list goes on and on...and chocolate with a dusty rose!

Aspen couldn't help but dig right into all the tutu fun! Good thing she was wearing her pearls for the occasion!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A little bubbly!

So check out this new dress I made for little miss is completely reversible...the top pic is her casual wear....haha... and the bottom is her party wear! Bejeweled and all! This is born out of necessity though, Aspen loves to dribble milk on purpose to be funny and then her dress is this is a perfect fit for us!

So I made her a couple reversible dresses....and then.....I made this huge stack of burpies to replenish the shop supply!

All in a day's work!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day in the Garden

The lilacs are finally starting to pop open...they are so lovely to have on my nightstand! They smell amazing!

It's here! It's finally here! Some new blossoms in my garden! I love this pinky-orchid colored rose! Lots of buds just waiting to open!

And Abraham Darby is just ready to open right next to this gorgeous rose!

So the whole family was off to a few nurseries to work on the garden for the day! But Aspen and I got stuck waiting...and waiting at the nursery....while my parents were at the wrong nursery! So we decided we would have a little walk thru the statuary gardens while we were waiting. ( Otherwise I think Aspen would have destroyed all my pansies...rather than just taking these two for her hair!)

And Aspen found her little frog prince! Here he is all bejeweled in his crown! Ha! I love these little forget-me-knots near by! What a tidy, little garden...hmm...not what mine looks like! I think I am of the mind that more is more! I pack it all in there! More to come soon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are they artichokes...or tulips?

I just couldn't resist these little babies...actually they aren't little at all as far as a tulip is concerned. They are the size of my fist and they are completely fabulous! I can hardly bear to clip the tulips and daffodils out of my here I am buying them at the grocery store! But you know, I did hold back there were at least 3 dozen that I wanted and I just bought one...

the shape of them just reminds me of artichokes. Oh how I love spring! Slowly but surely my garden is emerging from the depths of winter! So I started our garden tea invites. I would love them to be really fun and whimsical with lots of ribbon details so I figure if I do a couple each day, they will all come together in time to send them out for a delightful garden brunch/tea later this month or early June! Can't wait for that! But there is much to do before then!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Taa...Daahhh...My Hat for the Kentucky Derby!

So here it is my hat for the Derby Swap hosted by Honeybend Vintage! Pretty and pink for Miss Glammafabulous! I love these things and I hope Kelley does as well! She sent me a darling cowgirl hat in a really fabulous cowgirl box...I will get photos of that up on another post...I love it and my little baby girl will not take this hat off! She wears it with the bow in front! She is all about the girlie things!

Sit back and relax with some pink lemonade and mint juleps and enjoy all the beautiful hats!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!

So our wonderful May Day is more like a winter's day! I left my house this morning to a blizzard...I am just hoping my blooming hydrageas make it through this! But that's okay, Aspen and I are celebrating the day with some vintage hats with lots of good old millinery flowers! So no baskets here...just hats! And this is not even my Kentucky Derby Hat for the swap!

But here is a little tutorial on what I did make for the Derby swap! My shop has been in several fashion shows over the almost nine years I have been open. I want my shows to look like a real, French fashion show, so just nights before I am always toiling away making striking headpieces out of vintage and new millinery and feathers and such. So I thought this would be a perfect Kentucky Derby hat. Here's another peek at my hat I made...lots of pink girls!

So I just take a headband--I have found this works best after trying all sort of things. And I arrange the vintage flowers and feathers how I'd like. I use hot glue and ribbons to tie them onto the headband and I also use that glittery, curly filler you find in the silk flower sections at Hobby Lobby to add a little extra pizazz. Then I glitter birds and butterflies and wire wrap those onto my headpiece. Once it's done you have this fabulous hat for the models to wear on the catwalk...Or the to the derby!