Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!

So our wonderful May Day is more like a winter's day! I left my house this morning to a blizzard...I am just hoping my blooming hydrageas make it through this! But that's okay, Aspen and I are celebrating the day with some vintage hats with lots of good old millinery flowers! So no baskets here...just hats! And this is not even my Kentucky Derby Hat for the swap!

But here is a little tutorial on what I did make for the Derby swap! My shop has been in several fashion shows over the almost nine years I have been open. I want my shows to look like a real, French fashion show, so just nights before I am always toiling away making striking headpieces out of vintage and new millinery and feathers and such. So I thought this would be a perfect Kentucky Derby hat. Here's another peek at my hat I made...lots of pink girls!

So I just take a headband--I have found this works best after trying all sort of things. And I arrange the vintage flowers and feathers how I'd like. I use hot glue and ribbons to tie them onto the headband and I also use that glittery, curly filler you find in the silk flower sections at Hobby Lobby to add a little extra pizazz. Then I glitter birds and butterflies and wire wrap those onto my headpiece. Once it's done you have this fabulous hat for the models to wear on the catwalk...Or the to the derby!


Anonymous said...

Your hat is gorgeous!!! I love the beautiful flowers and your model is precious!!! :)

*hugs* Dara

Flea Market Queen said...

Loving your beautiful pink hat!
What a sweetie you have modeling it...