Saturday, April 26, 2008

Celebrating Spring

So yesterday was Arbor Day, and I was too busy at work to get to my blog, but Aspen and I ventured out to Home Depot and boutique lots of topiary boxwood to celebrate. I love this time of year; I am constantly anxious to get out into the gardens and get things moving along. With my newly fenced back yard, I have lots of new ideas and the boxwood are a huge part of it! We planted three new lilac, all shades of pink, some wiegalia, boxwood and I am waiting to plant the roses until it warms up a bit more! And finally my china rosebush is starting to bloom. I love this thing; I saw it in a girlfriend's yard a few years back and did a whole new area with this as the focus. So i clipped some for the house as this beauty is growing very nicely and it won't be missed! They are in this fantastic vase a good friend gave me last year...looks like a piece of Lalique, eh? But no, he had this made for a client and had a few extra and I was the lucky recipient of one! He also gave my mom one, knowing she would love and she goes, "oh, I have the Lalique ones...I bought them in Paris years ago!" Of course you do mom!

I will just have to enjoy this little one. I love to put lilac in it when they are blooming. But aren't those little china roses darling? If I could just get this table cleaned off so you could see everything clearly! Here's a little sneak peek of my chapeau that I mailed off for the Kentucky Derby Swap. Pink, pink, pink baby! And lots of vintage millinery!

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