Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finally the new designs are here!

Now, of course once I get my new creations together my camera battery dies! So I only have a few things ready to see! But I will charge the battery tonight and get to it! I designed some new little baby sleep sacs with my Le BeeBee crest in glitter. I love this and it seems to be really popular so I have added several new colorations. The sleep sac is available in fuschia and yellow. The pink is very girlie with swarovski crystals added on it as well!

And ever the fabulous, little helper, Miss Aspen is fixing the clothing in my shop while adorning herself with her own string of pearls! Lucky, little thing!

I made her little tunic dress she has on...every time I get one of these into my shop, they walk out within an hour or so! The front has crystals on it...of course!

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