Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall back to school!

We officially kicked off pre-K this week...what a whirlwind, and it is only Wednesday! I have been driving, and driving, and sewing, and driving, and sewing some more...we are on the go! So far, Aspen will tell you she loves everything about school...although, I only get the funniest tidbits of what she says she does at school...mostly she tells me she plays...and then I get the memo of what they did, and it is more along the lines of we counted to 23 in both Spanish and French today, and the kids drew self-portraits...funny...what a kid!

It so cute as the girls get older, or maybe I notice it more as they are together more now that I am home with them both most of the time...they are so close, and they play almost on top of each other constantly. Yesterday, while I was making dinner, they were outside and Aspen was setting up a garden of lemon trees all along the chaise lounge made of iron...she had had all these branches and flowers out, stuck into the iron slats so that London could have a 'lemon garden' to pick lemons from....all while lounging about on the chair. Seriously, that child is so creative....I love to hear what she comes up with...some days I want to make it a book, or have her make it into a book.

Ahh...welcome to the fall school year....and welcome to fall...sometime soon...these cooler nights make me ready to go and grab a pumpkin spice latte!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Days!

We have been busy around here lately, busy sewing, busy working on Christmas designs, and filling all the normal orders. It has been such a transition to move my business online from running a boutique. Some days, I just want to go back to feel like I have the certainty of visibility with my customer base, but then I think, how visible is it these days? Who shops in boutiques anymore? Almost everyone I know uses the internet as their primary resource to shop for something unique. So here I am building a brand, with a voice that I hope is somewhat unique among all the other boutique children's lines out there!

So today, amongst the sewing, London actually wanted to model for me! I wish I had some cute set up at the ready, but I knew I tried to make one up, she would be done and moment would be over, so here's our little impromptu shoot of one very cute new back to school design. I tried to pick some girlie colors for our girls who want pink all year, but twist it a bit into a fun fall, back to school look. I'm sure you will see more of this design, when it gets photographed for real! Maybe with some bloomers or lacettes...and a pretty light pink lace sleeved tee for the chilly days ahead!

On another note, my other good news is finding out that my oldest gets to go to Pre-K at the elementary school...we have been on a list forever, and finally we made it, just in time for the start of the school year. She's excited to have new friends to follow her thru the ranks in the years to come! Mom might just have to whip up a new, little something for a new day and a new school!