Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall back to school!

We officially kicked off pre-K this week...what a whirlwind, and it is only Wednesday! I have been driving, and driving, and sewing, and driving, and sewing some more...we are on the go! So far, Aspen will tell you she loves everything about school...although, I only get the funniest tidbits of what she says she does at school...mostly she tells me she plays...and then I get the memo of what they did, and it is more along the lines of we counted to 23 in both Spanish and French today, and the kids drew self-portraits...funny...what a kid!

It so cute as the girls get older, or maybe I notice it more as they are together more now that I am home with them both most of the time...they are so close, and they play almost on top of each other constantly. Yesterday, while I was making dinner, they were outside and Aspen was setting up a garden of lemon trees all along the chaise lounge made of iron...she had had all these branches and flowers out, stuck into the iron slats so that London could have a 'lemon garden' to pick lemons from....all while lounging about on the chair. Seriously, that child is so creative....I love to hear what she comes up with...some days I want to make it a book, or have her make it into a book.

Ahh...welcome to the fall school year....and welcome to fall...sometime soon...these cooler nights make me ready to go and grab a pumpkin spice latte!

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