Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sew Golden!

If you are a lover of Babylegs as much as Aspen and I are...well as you can tell, Aspen says she doesn't know...but yes, she does love Babylegs, they are having a campaign in June to drive sales to local boutiques by offering crazy prizes...they have golden tickets to give away just like Willy Wonka! Something like one in three or four has a prize the least of which will be a free pair of babylegs! Wowza! Or you can win a vacation or other baby clothing! How fun and exciting this will be for all of us! I love Babylegs to go with all the Pipsqueak Couture onesies...the ruffles on the butt plus the tops of baby's thighs sticking out of the could just squeeze them! And when you have a toddler like me...they are perfect for potty training and the ever squirming baby that doesn't stay put long enough to wear tights!

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