Thursday, May 22, 2008

tiny garden feet...

Don't you just love these little feet in the dirt...this picture was actually a mistake and I love it! I was picking Aspen up and the camera button went off! But it turned out really cute, aside from the dying tulips that I haven't cut back yet!

So here is the little darling zipping through my gardens to get to all the gazing balls! I really don't think I should post her so much but you know...the garden pics are much more fun with her in them...than just pictures of the garden alone seen below!

that's my new garden mushroom... I also have a blue one and I think I am going to group them together very soon.

She's on the path through all the spring daffodils and catch another gazing ball!

And alas, here she found it right next to Abraham Darby and the foxglove in the English garden! Yes, yes, spring and even summer is finally here!

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forcryeye said...

She looks like a little faerie you caught on film, tiptoeing through the garden...too cute...mine all have big feet now...ha!