Thursday, June 18, 2009

the diet of a super hero...

I just had to tell you all this because I know I few of you who read my blog and shop with me locally keep asking if I ever caught my thief from last summer who stole $1100 in merchandise from me! Well...yesterday was the day! I feel like a super hero because I had made three onesies, two hats, two burp cloths and I had the two kiddos with me at the shop...and then...I managed to nab my thief when it was busy!

She was in the dressing room and I saw her do her usual take something extra off the hanger and put with this dress I am going to try I stood outside her room talking to another customer and she opened the curtain and I asked where the dress was and she said she didn't know about a pink dress...she didn't take it...she insisted three times and so then I just stuck my hand down her large purse and went in for the kill and took the dress bag...she walked away from me so fast saying she didn't take the dress....ha! Are you serious right now? And I told her I knew everything she took from me before and she better never come back in my shop or I would have the police here. I was so busy and with the kiddos in tow I decided against involving the police yesterday...but I think she will never come back...I mean seriously, is she that stupid? I hate doing that when I am busy with regular customers, but thankfully my customer was like, "oh honey, I was going to whack her with my purse if you needed me!"

So anyway, I decided I deserved a decaf vanilla latte...thank you very much!



You go girl! I'm proud of you!!!!

pengellylove said...

you go girl!

LaLa said...

Oh gee, good for you. I am glad that you caught that nasty thief!

What nerve of her. You probably should make a police report just for the record.

See ya the tea party!

Pretty Things said...

YAY YOU! I hate when someone steals from me, although I've never had that much stolen from me. Usually I can shake it off and write it off taxes as a loss, but this one ring, I SLAVED over, and in the first hour of the craft show, it was GONE. Heartbroken.