Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aspen in Wonderland

Aspen and I are eagerly awaiting Alice in Wonderland to come out this week! So here is our little tribute with an orchid twist on Alice's famous apron dress! Forgive poor Aspen, she on her 1005th respiratory infection of the season, so she is not quite her normal self!
So this is the french peasant dress in orchid...so sweet and fun....and if you are going to Wonderland with us, I suppose you need a hat for a perfect Mad Tea Party! So pick up a darling new sunhat....all dyed to match all our puff sleeve dresses and cutie couture! These hats feature one of a kind vintage, rhinestone button centers...I am in love for sure! They are available in toddler and baby sizing...but once again my baby model was having issues with hats...so you just get to see the toddler version!

See, all set for a fab party in Wonderland.....see you at the theatre!
For the complete Alice effect, I am pretty sure you need polka dot and stripe tights don't you think?

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The Shopping Mama said...

That first Alice in Wonderland dress is absolutely stunning. Amazing!