Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lots of sewing!

Ok, I promise I am not selling my daughter for $275....I just didn't take the price off the chair! Aspen has on the cutest cardi is a little shrug in icing trimmed in orchid lace and embellished with silk and velvet flowers...then she turns around and our starlet logo is on the back with darling little crystal sweet!

So if I am sewing all the time, I don't seem to find time to blog....I would just love to know how much sleep these girls get that manage to have really creative, darling blogs and then do creative, magical things! How does one do it all! At any rate, here are a few more variations on the French Farmhouse peasant dress....They are getting an amazing response in my boutique...they seem to be the perfect Easter dress, or should I say the perfect Easter dress in Colorado...they have sleeves! And it seems like we always are freezing with snow for Easter here!

This is one of my favorite combos...the green and pink roses with the sweet garden pants...I love this...especially when you add the sun hat! I didn't even try to get this on Miss London...I figure by the time she is all dolled up in it and ready for a photo, she will be here is a view on the mannequin instead...sorry London!

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