Friday, February 22, 2008

A bevy of beauties...

I just had a new counter built for my local boutique... it is really fabulous but so not together yet! I am waiting on all the french goodness for it--I ordered cherubs and garlands of roses and the like to adorn my orchid counter. Well, they haven't arrived yet...and my glass and shelves keep coming in not quite right... so I am making the best of things and adorning the jewelry cases with my new Easter peeps and baskets. I ordered these from the fabulous Andrea over at One Hundred Wishes. These tiny baskets are so much fun to add that little touch to any special area. I just got them like 10 minutes ago and I stuffed them with angelina fiber and added my little peeps some adorned with vintage goodies and others are naked in their lovely baskets. So hop on over to see Andrea and buy some! Believe me her packaging is totally worth the order in and of itself. Just like a little Easter box for me!

I love doing displays at my shop....I am working on the windows for Spring, but everytime I start Aspen wakes up and I get zip done! So I am just working on a smaller level here with the jewelry!

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