Friday, February 15, 2008

Serving Up a Little Spring!

So last night as my day was winding down, I was thinking how soon Easter is....Oh wow, I haven't even gotten all the Easter folk art out to sell yet! So due to my little one's fascination with birds and chicks I decided to put together a little bit of spring for her to wake up to...she of course said, "Oh wow!" Most of these little chickies are from Tinsel Trading Company in NYC, a favorite place to hit every time I visit the city on business! I got them two years ago, I believe so I am not sure what they have right now. These chicks have found their home just below my mantel on these beautiful old French chest, which is my favorite piece of furniture I own. My mom has the matching one which is in just a hair better condition than mine! She bought them at an estate sale several years ago and let me buy one. You can see all three of us right there in the photo on the right....a picture from September at my uncle's house in Philadelphia. It is the first picture of just the three of us together...and poor Aspen is 8 months old when that finally happened!

My house is definitely like my life...there is always a little bit of everything going...I still have a few snowmen out on the mantel above this, so I have all the holidays going per usual for me. Just like me going in 20 different directions at once and dabbling in everything... I think I am a jack of all trades master of none sort of a girl, so you will never just see my baby stuff on will see all of my creations as I am never focused just on one little thing!

This is the valentine from my mama, siting there on the left in that top is so darling. She made this for Aspen as well as me, so when I opened it, we each had a pocket with our own special note...Mom likes all the same things as me, and we are both always creating a myriad of things at once so it is really inspiring. We both went to an estate sale on Valentine's day and I beat her there, surprisingly with Aspen in tow...and I got some really fun trinket and a beautiful, French cherub table for my shop. I will show you all that later with my latest spring creation as soon as I take a pic!

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