Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a new frock for annika

This is my latest little creation... My best friend's daughter, my godchild, turned 4 yesterday and I thought I would make her a little dress. My best friend loves everything I design, however her daughter seems to have a more discriminating palate then she does. She is super opinionated, as I am sure so many toddlers are, about what she puts on her tiny, little body! I thought I would give it a go and see what she might enjoy. Alyssa thinks she will love it. I told her I really like it, bring it back to me if she doesn't want it! In fact, this morning as I was scrambling to get it done, two people wanted to buy it! Hee, hee. Love when that happens! I really like the color combo, especially for a toddler... you know they need to be a little more mature looking than the babies! But it still has my signature Swarovski crystals to keep it girlie! I also painted the top as well as the skirt bottom with an interference pink/red can't see it in a photo but that turned out fun.

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