Saturday, March 1, 2008

bogged down by burpies!

I have been having a run on burp cloths at my boutique lately! So every spare moment I get I am working on some new burp cloths...I can't seem to keep the little boys' burpies in I put together some little sets with rubber duckies to match, just in time for spring! These should be in my etsy shop very soon! Also check out the new Le BeeBee onesie in white and gold! I think it is really important to find ways to make creations for either gender...but still look edgy and hip....I would love this for my boy or girl!

Here's the aqua burpie set, above....and the green set below...very good for that person who isn't finding out what she's having...

Close ups of the burpies packed in these little packages! Don't you love the bee ribbon? Just reminds me spring is coming! I can't wait! Last evening I spotted my peonies coming up!!! They are up about 2 then after Aspen went to bed I worked in the makes me crazy to see all the dead from last summer still there with the fresh buds coming up. We have had such a cold winter that I haven't been able to get out there with all the I had to take advantage of my spring-like evening!

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