Friday, March 7, 2008

Art and Ghosts for inspiration!

I just picked up the new Somerset Studio the other day...and what a treat it was! There is a feature artist portfolio on Lou at Art and Ghosts. I immediately stopped by her site and bought a few pieces! Her work is so ethereal and whimsical....She reminds me a little of Mark Ryden working in a different media. He is one of my all time favorite artists! I love all the detail everything has. I really like when there is a picture within a picture...if you have any of my baby pieces you can tell that! My shop logo has my three dogs hidden in it...and my pipsqueak couture crest has my baby's face in it! Wonder if they all know they are famous? Ha, ha!

This is one of the prints I purchased, below. I love her face and I love those red does Aspen! I also really like the bird cages she uses...I am working on some baby things with birds and cages. Aspen is obsessed with birds, so I thought if would be fun to use them in my designs! Usually I always have my bee and crowns in I need to add a bird to the mix!

I love this image too...but it's not one I bought!

Here is my Pipsqueak Couture logo as it is on my cards. See little Aspen baby there! She is even wearing her bow! I also need to give a shoutout to Trendytots for featuring my Le Bee Bee Onesie today! What a great day to be at work! Thank you!

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forcryeye said...

Thanks for sharing these artists with us, you and I are definately from the same stock girlfriend!