Thursday, February 21, 2008

hey there chickie, want to come to my nest?

So here are some more of my latest little chicks to take up residence at my shop for spring. They all have lots of vintage flower chapeaux on! My mom made up the ones in the larger basket...we definitely think alike. I didn't even tell her how my looked and ours are so similar. We have always been like that! These are also her three silk ribbon work pieces. She puts these on all sorts of things from baby sweaters to pillows and the like. We both love ribbons and making this stuff. However I have far less time on my hands to do these...mostly because all my ribbons are at my shop and my down time is at my house and I always forget to take this stuff home to create. That is the trouble with two studio work spaces, the thing you need is never where you need matter how organized I am with it all!

I love the beautiful colors of these ribbon flowers...and all the vintage stamens used on them...

mom's chicks pictured chicks are pictured's the latest basket using an antique limoge custard know I just couldn't help myself! This little chick is a princess with her glass glitter adorned flower on her head...makes a great crown I think.

a little overview of all the little peep baskets....

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