Sunday, November 13, 2011

on the way to see Santa!

Take my picture Mommy!!! Take my picture Mommy! Those were the words of the day when London decided she was ready to get decked out for Santa Claus! And only her mother would think my stack of fabrics would be a great background to kick off holiday photos!

My favorite photo, was the above picture of my very own Cupie! Don't ya think? I will save the Santa photos for another will girls jump right into Santa's lap, but they are awfully serious about sitting with Santa! Aspen finally managed to ask for something other than a teddy bear (which she has never actually wanted, but always ask for because she gets starstruck around Santa!).

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The Shavers said...

She looks sooooooo much like you!!! such a pretty girl... both of your girls!!! can't wait to see you guy again