Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Christmas...

I was just taking a peek at some of last year's holiday clothes and photos....I love to look back, it is so fun to see how much older my girls get in the span of a year....right away, I am taken back to their moods when I snapped the photos!

Aspen cracks me up...she was so not into this shoot, can you tell? She looks so much younger here than she is now. For me, this reminds of two years ago, not one! That sweet bob of curls, and now she has long, curly Rapunzel locks!

I love Christmas fabric! Christmas Dresses! Always such a fun collection to design. This year I have been so busy sewing up the same couple dresses non-stop, I am hoping to maybe offer a couple one of a kinds for Black Friday or Thanksgiving weekend, which will all depend on how healthy my girls stay between now and then. October seemed to be one thing, then the next! We officially had London knock out her front tooth, emergency trip to the dentist, fix the tooth, both girls get strep the next week, then the flu halloween weekend. So that is it for me, now I am ready for healthy kids and family so we can enjoy the holiday season!

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