Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my little redhead...teehee...

I always wanted a little redhead, in fact my mom said she had a nightmare the other night that I was pregnant again because I wanted a little redhead....Aspen used to be one, and I hold out hope that one day she will be again....so at any rate it is great to have good customers who love your shop so much they want photos of their daughter in your shop!!! This is little Zoe, she's a month younger than Aspen, and has curly hair just like Aspen but her mommy straightens it!
So her vision was to use my favorite chair and a Kaiya Eve Pettiskirt and top for pictures....and she humored me and took a few others in her Pipsqueak Couture! I just love these pics! Miss Jaime is a magician...I am always impressed how perfectly she captures the spirit of kiddos this age....It takes me two months to get pictures this cute and she snapped all these in minutes!

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Ronda Simpson said...

Hi! I love your blog! Really great stuff! Did you design your blog background yourself?? Love it!