Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fashion Dance!

I asked Aspen yesterday if I could take pictures of her in some of her new spring goods....and she was very excited...I don't even have the outfit on her for 15 seconds and she runs away from me into the dressing room saying, "fashion dance, fashion dance!" I can't figure if it's the hat she loves or the ruffled twirly dress she loves...but there was no taking any of it off right away, until I bribed her into a different dress I made her...no matter the fact that it was only 15 degrees outside!

My little ham modeling my new toddler size peony flower hat...a must for any little girly-girl!

I have hand dyed all the spring knit things so they will all match together really cute....now if I could just get things back from the printer there will be lots of new goodies to peek at!

The following thing I bribed her into....another little sneak peek! Just look at that smirk on her face....

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