Friday, June 24, 2011

more photo love!

I love this photo of Aspen, it is just the happy-go-lucky girl I see all the time without her shy exterior she tends to portray to so many people when they first meet her!

I wanted to add a few tiered knot dresses to my fall line. I really had not done them for awhile and when I was dressing London in some of her sister's old frocks it made me remember how much I love the tiered here is the Pumpkin Twirl dress for fall....awesome laying dress, and this is just so cute for back to school photos!

London is wearing the market roses dress...doesn't this just remind you of a French market? It pairs up with the Antoinette linen army pants, currently available online....a little bit of pink for fall...and she had the birdcage shrug over this....the back features one of our fab screenprints....

So did I tell you how humid it was early Sunday morning when we shot this? London's hair is perfect proof of the weather...Aspen's stayed in perfect, little ringlets the whole time, no sign of the humidity...London's is little miss frizz....Just like her mama! London has one of my new full apron's on, as well as the cinnamon layering tee...

So, here you can't see the details, however, Zoe {on the right} is wearing the fall version of my ever popular French Frolic set....since that set was so popular for summer I thought I would offer a fall the apron has the little girl with her balloon...with purple accents...and the pants are velveteen!!! I like to offer pants in the winter that can actually be warm and stylish, and this fits the bill for me! Peasant dresses always seem to be rather popular, and I haven't ever had them on an older model, so here you are! Once again the apron has the girl with her balloon...all in cream and gold... I will also be offering a version with the deerly deer that is one of my most popular fall/winter screenprints!

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