Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the cosette

This is one of my new favorites for spring...I love all the ruffles...and this dress sort of reminds me of an orphan dress...a little orphan sweeping her house....which is why the name is Cosette...from Les Miserables...very fitting, right?

So Aspen agreed to a photo shoot, if I let her accessorize herself...so here you go...my girl in all her overabundance of accessories. The other night, yes I said night, we went to the bookstore and she was insistent to wear her sunglasses, all these necklace you see here, and her dog purse...which led to these two little girls following us thru the whole store to point out what Aspen looked like walking around in sunglasses at night!

I was completely thinking I had posted to this blog since the new year....hmmm...I wonder what happened! I guess my life has been a whirl wind of holidays and birthdays with bits of sewing happening all the while and I completely forgot to keep up with the blog!

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