Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time to accessorize!

These are the ruby rosette pants...they are a heavy printed velveteen fabric, the perfect winter pant! I wished I could have had these in stock back in October, but the fabric didn't get released until it has been a mad dash of making these little babies, so the girls can wear them all winter!
My spring collection is all about the rosettes on everything, so what better way to entice you than to show you these Valentine pants, London is wearing with her nutcracker dress now...

They are really just the sweetest things...London just rubs these pants constantly and then touches the rosette...she is a girlie girl for sure, she put on all the pearls herself!!!

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Prencie said...

Hello Shannon!! I just now saw your comment on my blog:) I've heard of pipsqeak couture! I think I even have you saved as a fave on etsy:) WOW! That is CRAZY!! So, you and I share the same birthday!?!? Too cool!!!:) Funny thing is London was one of our options when we were prego with Paris:) I love that name!!=) Yes, it does sound like we have a LOT in common!!!:) MERRY CHRISTMAS!