Saturday, October 9, 2010

Peace, love and joy...well maybe not joy...

This morning when we got in the car, I told Aspen we were taking Christmas pics...she said she didn't want to...I totally figured I would get her to change her mind because she is usually good about taking photos...well not today...she wanted nothing to do with any of it, as you can see. I told her I would show her these pictures when she was older and tease her! There are definitely ones worse than what I am sharing is all I can say!

None the less, this is the Peace, Love and Joy dress for Christmas in shades of red, green and aqua...a little more traditional colors than my usual styling. I love the big bell sleeve on it...kind of fun for a twist of something different!

I think bottom one was about as good as it got for me today...definitely not interested in pictures is all I can say!

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