Saturday, April 17, 2010

Snippets of the summer trunk...

So I decided to keep an ongoing trunk show of a selection of my designs in the shop all the time! Basically, everyone is always picking a different size of something or other when they are here, so I figured why not show it as a trunk show and not sell the sample, so everyone can pick exactly what they like...of course the above piece is a little more one of a kind as it features a pillowcase there will still be one of a kinds in the trunk with vintage linens and vintage linen screenprints.
If you are interested in hosting your own Pipsqueak Couture trunk show, please contact me! There are great perks, and there will be a catalog look book! That way you can see how I pair and layer things up. Above, Aspen has on the Little Liberty skirt for the 4th of July...I have two versions, and professional pics of them coming, so stay tuned right here!
Did you notice how Aspen has to feature her toy of the day? Right now she is obsessed with these plastic frogs, and she insisted that they, and her ballet tights {also a new obsession} be a part of the photos....after which she promptly lost the frogs for 24 hours because she didn't remember where she put them!

This is our pinkalicious puff sleeve dress with the framed cherub on it...perfect for a hot summer I type this on a 40 degree rainy day!

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