Monday, June 20, 2011

The whirlwind photoshoot!

So here are some of the first images I have seen of this weekend's photoshoot! I really was so busy taking care of my one high maintenance daughter who preferred no pictures....yes that would be my nameless 2 year old, and then getting outfits on these little ladies, that I had no idea things turned out so pretty!

We had a bit of a snafu with getting all the accessories on time...somehow overnight in fedex world was more like priority mail, so we are missing a few accessories, and we will still be doing a few more outfits, but for now, it all turned out really darling.

And, can I tell you, it was 58 degrees! You think when you are planning an outdoor session mid-june it will be really warm, not the case! It was rather chilly and wet!!! So we had to break out the cowboy boots to stomp around on the grounds!

I had several sashes made by Chickapee Creations made to match our fall collection...they are super fun---can be worn as an actual sash or in your hair as well. And then the pictured hair pretty in these photos is by Filigree Flowers...sort of an everyday fascinator clip for the girlie girl! Aspen wore it out to lunch last week, and loved every minute of attention she had.

And this coat, yes it is a jacket....all lined in pink, in fact you could reverse it! But your little girl can also wear it as a dress if you would like. Such a fun fall piece in my opinion! I love it!