Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's December already!!!!

Not really sure where all the time goes...I haven't made my kids a single new Christmas outfit and normally they are all done by now...haven't even thought of what my Christmas cards should look like...and two years ago, they were already in the mail!

So, maybe if I put my tree up this weekend I won't feel so completely behind. At least my shopping is already started!

So since I can't show you a really darling Christmas outfit, you will just have to settle for the cutest babylegs a girl needs to have! These lacettes are seriously little bloomers but easier! Now just wait til I show you the ones with the pom-poms on the bottom!

I love Miss London wearing this hat, with her curls sticking out! Too bad she takes it off every other minute...I think she needs a little red one for Christmas to wear to church on Christmas eve!

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