Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day in the Garden

The lilacs are finally starting to pop open...they are so lovely to have on my nightstand! They smell amazing!

It's here! It's finally here! Some new blossoms in my garden! I love this pinky-orchid colored rose! Lots of buds just waiting to open!

And Abraham Darby is just ready to open right next to this gorgeous rose!

So the whole family was off to a few nurseries to work on the garden for the day! But Aspen and I got stuck waiting...and waiting at the nursery....while my parents were at the wrong nursery! So we decided we would have a little walk thru the statuary gardens while we were waiting. ( Otherwise I think Aspen would have destroyed all my pansies...rather than just taking these two for her hair!)

And Aspen found her little frog prince! Here he is all bejeweled in his crown! Ha! I love these little forget-me-knots near by! What a tidy, little garden...hmm...not what mine looks like! I think I am of the mind that more is more! I pack it all in there! More to come soon!

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Rhonna said...

sooo pretty! I just love your blog!