Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are they artichokes...or tulips?

I just couldn't resist these little babies...actually they aren't little at all as far as a tulip is concerned. They are the size of my fist and they are completely fabulous! I can hardly bear to clip the tulips and daffodils out of my yard...so here I am buying them at the grocery store! But you know, I did hold back there were at least 3 dozen that I wanted and I just bought one...

the shape of them just reminds me of artichokes. Oh how I love spring! Slowly but surely my garden is emerging from the depths of winter! So I started our garden tea invites. I would love them to be really fun and whimsical with lots of ribbon details so I figure if I do a couple each day, they will all come together in time to send them out for a delightful garden brunch/tea later this month or early June! Can't wait for that! But there is much to do before then!

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Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Wonderful huge tulips!!! just like I like em...:)))

xo Heather