Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring pipsqueak baskets have arrived!

I have just a made up a few baby spring baskets with some of my new designs from my shop. This is my new Royal Owl set featuring the Royal Owl gold glitter new designs...with Swarovski crystals and raw edge ruffles. This basket is chock full of modern baby goodies that you will love! There are two burpies in pink that match the onesie fabric and there are some fun little toys that are pink too. I make these up with more or less stuff too for my local boutique. But this basket can also be made up gender neutral or for little boys. I also have one made up in shades of purple for girls...Gotta love spring time!

those first two burp cloths are the ones in the basket...vans by lightning bugs and chocolate lollipop fabric. I like to add lots of ribbons and a cute taggie ribbon on the bottom of the cloth. My baby likes to play with the tags so I put them on for all the babies to love....and then here is the up close on the, love, love the new glitter design. They wash up great too in case you were wondering!

I also made lots of new peeps wearing their vintage flowers but I forgot to take them to work today to show you all. I will remember tomorrow!

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