Saturday, February 16, 2008

the inspiring little tea cup...

So I mentioned being at an estate sale on Valentine's Day... Well I just had to have this little antique tea cup. I have always love these shorter, fatter little ones in the pastel colors and I always scoop them up...well this one had a repair on the bottom so I couldn't actually use it, but it happens to be the perfect Easter colors. So I got to thinking it would make the cutest little Easter basket. So out to the backyard at nine o'clock at night I go to get a little piece of Virginia Creeper and some vintage flowers and glitter and there you go! How darling is this basket now! I think Angelina fiber makes perfect Easter grass, then I added the little peep. I love the old peeps and have little collections of them milling about all over. This is a newer repro of an old one. I took it out of a box of Bethany Lowe ones I sell at my boutique and it had the perfect home. Now I just have to decide if I should sell this thing. This always happens to me. I fall in love with it before it hits the shelves and I think I need it!

Then, I just had to make I hunted down a different tea cup I thought I could part with and made this one last night. Very sweet too.

I put them in with the rest of the spring folk art at my shop in my old cabinet here. They don't have price tags yet though...can I part with them?

one more close up!

Okay, gotta run....Aspen just woke up from her nap and spilled dried fruit all over the floor...hhmm....

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Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hello! I followed your link from the Hat Swap... just wanted to say Hi and that I love your creations, they are gorgeous! You are a perfect choice for the hat swap!!

xo Heather