Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to the enchanted forest....

One of my good photographer friends is currently in Germany visiting family, so I loaded her up with some new designs...check it all out!! Isn't this place just magical...just like an enchanted fairytale, right up my alley!

This is the new tweaked version of the Lulu Difiore top...had to modify it a bit as fabrics get discontinued constantly...and then I can't recreate it...so here is the 2nd edition! And these are the frolic ruffle bloomers, sort of a cute option on the older girls...more ruffles and no lace. Still the big bows...and sometimes I do these with rosettes...just depends on what the customer is looking for. Zoe wanted bows, so that is just what this little princess got!

So enchanted fairytale, or maybe it is Alice In Wonderland, which do you think? Once again, fabulous headpieces are by Miss Ruby Sue on etsy...we have several more collaborations on the way, so stay tuned!

This is the shot that speaks to me that she is Alice...I mean, she just looks like she is headed right down the rabbit hole to a mad tea party, right?!

Hopefully the fourth of July photos will be on their way to me in the next couple days...I am dying to show you two new dresses!

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