Monday, April 21, 2008

tiny, little, pretties...

Here are a couple of my most beloved things...of course I keep them all displayed together! I bought this little silk French mannequin in England from a French vendor at a market exactly four years ago! We were on this tour of antique markets that we went on several times and that last time things were so expensive. I was looking for chandeliers and sconces as usual and I really couldn't even touch them. But I refused to exchange my pounds for dollars and lose the exchange fee I bought something too expensive...but I just love her! And every time I look at her I am reminded of what a fun trip we had!

So she sits atop an antique French chest in my living room near this darling, little bird made by Nicole Bowen. I bought her this Christmas for Aspen instead of buying her a baby's first Christmas ornament. That way she can have her very own little collection of charming things. She was and still obsessed with birds, so I felt it was perfect for her! I also love the vintage pianos...this makes a great thing to display on, especially when you are limited with room in your house! So there you go miniature mannequins and miniature pianos!

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