Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally! I can breathe again!

Yes, the day has finally arrived...when I am no longer thinking, "just two more car loads and I will have moved the rest of things I insist on keeping back to my house." Everything is all cleaned up and finished...and onto some real business now! So just before my phone died on me for good, I was spending some time with Lauren, my local Matilda Jane TK, and she taught me how to make my own button! So check it on out over there to your right, and please use it! Of course now that I have it all down, I am having a few fun photoshoots coming up, and I will probably want to use a different photo...that is just how I am! But for now, there you go!!! Grab it, love it, and refer a friend!

It's funny, as you start to push out the negative things in your life, all that is left is the room for positive...and I am positive that is just what is happening in my life! The last week I was open, I came in to check my email, and low and behold, there are two perfect, online business connections I had been looking to make for quite some time...asking me to partner with them! And can I even tell you, almost every day since then, that is exactly what is happening! Bring on the positive baby! I am ready to head full force into moving my business forward online! And for you that means lots of fun, new creations coming your way looking better than ever before! And for my girls it means taking the time to have a break during the day to head to the zoo, or the park and do the things some of you lucky stay at home moms get to do more frequently than I ever have! Cheers to my sanity coming back to me!

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The Shavers said...

Yeah! So excited for whats to come