Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just in case you didn't get enough tea this weekend...

This weekend we were finally about to shoot some of the back to school, fall and halloween pieces! It had to be the most darling thing I have ever seen...I mean first of all, just look at where we were...the most secret of hidden gardens in a very special person's backyard...I dream I have a garden that will look like this!
And then immediately these four little girls were just having the best time with this little tea set and this table and chairs, they were just the cutest sharing tea....You don't even have to ask these little girls to do something fun for a photo op...everything they are doing is too cute not to take a pic!

I love this one of all four of them...they played happily like this until I needed to change their outfits, no fights or meltdowns until I changed them!

There is so much more to share...but I am saving that until our posted giveaway! In the mean time, stay awhile and share a cup of raspberry tea with us!

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how adorable! I came for tea, and I never expected anything this cute! They truly are darling! I would love some raspberry tea, too!

Thanks so much, and I hope you'll join me for a spot or two...


Sheila :-)