Thursday, May 6, 2010

to be one again....

This cracks me up how I couldn't manage to get these two close enough to each other...every time I had one where I wanted her, the other one moved away!

London turned one a couple weeks ago, and Jaime took some pics of the girls for more of my summer line....lucky for me these make the perfect one year pictures! London was hamming it up like nobody's business, while her sister was completely serious...modelling is serious business don't you know!

I am in the process of working on a catalog and these are a few of the final images to grace the pages. I do think my clothing is just so much cuter on than you can ever tell by just looking at the garment itself, so the catalog is the perfect tool to see it on all the different age girls.

It is just really difficult to select the images to use, can you tell? London also is the lucky babe to get featured as the hang tag on all my clothing! I just couldn't resist the drooling just had to be the hang tag!

I really wished these could have been outdoor shots with flowers, but you know things are just finally starting to sprout here with the winter we have had!

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jaya pratheesh said...

awww what a cutie! and a cherub of a big girl! p.s... why add big pants for such a little 'un? bloomers will look cuter, right? (if it could get any cuter)...