Thursday, March 25, 2010

all in a day's work...

Aspen is helping me work on the windows, or should I say take apart the windows to play with the props...she's wearing a dress I made for her a couple years lemonade I called it, it has the cutest vintage cherries and lemonade hanky on the front of it!

So I was saying to Aspen to give me a minute this morning because I needed to take some pictures...and she said, "of me mommy?" Well sure, we can do that too! She is becoming quite the helper lately...yesterday, a customer was coming out of the dressing room at my shop and she says, "we have lots more dresses you can try on!" She is too funny, already the sales lady at just three years old...I think that happened sooner than I imagined it would.

And a new color and pattern for my favorite dress...this one is white with bright pink and orange and a little aqua...very fun for spring and summer!

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